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Starting your studies in Australia is exciting, and we want to make sure your place is comfy and just right for you. MyVysa helps you with student housing, whether you're planning in advance or already in Australia. 

Booking Before You Get Here:

Plan ahead with MyVysa! We have lots of options from different universities across Australia. You can book your place before you even arrive, making it easy to settle in when you get here.

Simple Booking:

Our website is easy to use. You can look at all kinds of places, like shared apartments or private rooms. Compare prices, locations, and what each place offers to find what suits you best.

We're Here to Help:

Moving to a new country can be tricky, but we're here for you. If you have questions or need help with anything, just send us a message. Our team knows a lot about accommodations, and we're happy to assist you.

Already in Australia? No Problem!

If you prefer to check out places after arriving in Australia, MyVysa can still help. We have a big network, and we can assist you in finding a good place near your university that fits your needs.

 Why Choose MyVysa for Student Housing:

  1. Lots of Options: We have many housing choices from different universities.
  2. Your Choice: Find a place that matches what you like and what you can afford.
  3. Easy to Use: Our website is simple, so you can find what you need without any stress.
  4. We're Here for You: Our team is ready to help you with anything you need.

 Get your perfect student accomodation with MyVysa and make your time in Australia comfy and enjoyable. Start your journey knowing your home away from home is in good hands.


The 485 Visa is an excellent chance for international students under 50, allowing them to stay in Australia post-graduation. It offers streams catering to different needs, providing temporary residence and work options.

Check the Australian Government's Immigration skilled list for eligible occupations.

To be eligible, you should have completed a course with an Australian institution, meet English language requirements, satisfy health conditions, and have adequate insurance. Skills assessment may be required.

Yes, all primary applications need to submit an Australian police check.

Absolutely, the 485 temporary graduate working visa grants full-time work rights.

Provide evidence of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) at application. MyVysa can assist with offers from industry partners.

Apply within six months of course completion, holding a valid student visa or Bridging visa A/B.

No, it's a temporary graduate work visa providing onshore work experience. For personalized advice, consult our migration agents.

Costs vary; check the Department of Home Affairs for the latest information. MyVysa ensures you have the most current details.