Your Guide to Australian Student Visa

Your Guide to Australian Student Visa

If you're getting ready to study in Australia, understanding the Australian Student Visa (Subclass 500) is key. Here's a quick and simple breakdown to help you navigate the essentials for a smooth academic journey.

The Student Visa 500 lets you study for up to five years, depending on your course duration. Recent updates allow more flexibility in work hours beyond the previous limit of 40 hours every two weeks.

Make sure your application process goes smoothly by meeting eligibility criteria, which include age, enrolment proof, welfare arrangements for minors, English proficiency, health insurance, and following character, health, and financial standards.

Processing times can vary, so pay your fees on time to avoid delays. The duration may be influenced by factors like your chosen course and how accurate your application is.

The main applicant's visa fee is $630, and there are extra fees for family members. Use the Visa Pricing Estimator on the Department of Home Affairs' website for a clear breakdown of all costs.

Family members can apply for a subsequent entrant visa through ImmiAccount, as long as they meet character and health requirements.

The Student Visa 500 allows you to study, be sponsored by family, travel, and do some paid work during your studies. Remember to mention all family members in your application, even if they're not planning to come with you.

Stay in the loop by checking official government announcements and the Department of Home Affairs' website for updates. This knowledge will make your experience as an international student in Australia smooth and successful.